When embarking on an experience with Lufthansa Airlines, make sure a cozy and customized flying journey starts evolved with considerate seat selection. In this guide, we are going to discover the steps to Lufthansa Seat Selection for passengers keen to improvise their seats for a nice journey. 

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection & Reservation

When reserving your Lufthansa flight online, catch the probability of selecting seats all through the reservation process.   

Navigate to the seat selection option, commonly observed in the reserving interface, and observe the prompts to customize your in-flight experience.

Lufthansa Seat Maps

Familiarize yourself with the Lufthansa Airlines Seat Maps and the usage of Lufthansa seat maps.   

Accessible on the Lufthansa Airlines official website, these maps supply insights into the vicinity of amenities, restrooms, and more than a few seat categories.

LH Seat Selection After Booking

If you have already booked your flight but have not chosen a seat, do not worry. Lufthansa lets passengers revisit their reservations online and select seats at a later time.   

Log in to your account on the Lufthansa Airlines official website, come across your booking, and proceed to choose your favored seat.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection and Fees

Lufthansa provides more than a few seat categories, along with standard, XL, and desired seats. Some seats might also come with an extra fee, so it is critical to reflect on consideration of your fee and preferences when making your selection.

Lufthansa Airlines Frequent Flier Programs

If you are a member of the Lufthansa Airlines frequent flier program, take advantage of any perks or privileges associated with seat selection.  

Certain membership tiers can also furnish complimentary seat improvements or discounted costs on top-rate seating.

Assistance via Lufthansa Airlines Customer Service

Should you stumble upon any challenges or have precise requirements, Lufthansa Airlines customer service is equipped to assist. Speak to Lufthansa Airlines Customer Service or online channels to get hold of customized coaching and assistance with your seat selection.

LH Last-Minute Changes

Keep in thinking that seat availability may additionally change up to the flight. Monitor your reservation and think about rechecking for seat enhancements or modifications nearer to your departure date.


By following these steps and leveraging the flexibility supplied via Lufthansa Airlines, passengers can tailor their seating options to swimsuit their preferences and journey needs. Whether it is taking part in more legroom, securing a window seat, or opting for a top-class experience, the option to pick out seats ensures a greater fun and blissful trip with Lufthansa Airlines. Safe travels!